Headlight Restoration in Springfield, Lorton, and Alexandria

Not only do cloudy, yellow lenses look unimpressive and unattractive, but they also create a serious safety hazard when driving at night or in the rain. Driving with a damaged headlight lens can result in the loss of up to 75% of the headlight output. The result of this loss of output makes it very difficult for not only you to see, but for others drivers to see you. If this scenario describes your vehicle, it may be time to contact our Springfield auto repair and service technicians at (703) 501-8144.


headlight-5 headlight-6
headlight-3 headlight-2

headlight-1Headlight restoration can bring back the original optical clarity and light output of your vehicle for only a fraction of the cost, compared to replacing the headlight assemblies. For a complete headlight restoration, the cost is only $75.00 at SB! We can perform this service on all makes and models, including the following:

  • BMW
  • Audi
  • VW
  • Mercedes Bens

Our Springfield and Alexandria Mercedes Benz service and repair technicians encourage you to not replace, but to restore your headlights! Call us today!