If your Audi or Volkswagen is in need of repair, SB can perform the necessary services. Do not hesitate to get a hold of our auto service shop at (703) 501-8144 for information on how we can provide you with the professional service you deserve. Take care of your Audi or Volkswagen by obtaining the following recommended services from our auto repair technicians today:

Engine Oil Change Every 6 – 10K Miles Using Synthetic Oil
Reset Service Reminder
Audi and VW Computer Diagnostic with VAG Diagnostic Equipment
Brake Fluid Flush Every 2 Years
Spark Plugs After First 3 Years or 35K Miles Then Every 3 Years / 40K Miles
Engine Air Filter Check Every 50K Miles
Cabin Dust Filter Check Every 20K Miles
Transmission Service Every 35K and 75K Miles
Timing Belt / Water Pump / Tensioner Every 100K Miles
Fuel Filter Every 35K, 75K and 115K Miles

At SB, we can be your eyes and your ears for your prized Audi or VW. Contact us today at (703) 501-8144.

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